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On your way to check trailcams, anticipation builds. What images will the card contain? The buck of a lifetme you never knew existed? Or maybe it’s the last piece of the puzzle you needed to pattern that old monarch you’ve been chasing the past three years. Now imagine you download those images and begin to review them…. Another doe nose, another “deer in the headlights” face, but no signs of the bucks you were seeing earlier. Where did they go?  Have they left the area?  Anticipation and excitement are replaced with confusion and concern. 

CAMBUSH 3-D concealment tape is applied to your trail cameras to help them blend in with their surroundings and make them less noticeable to deer, wildlife and trespassers. It’s a “ghillie suit” for your trailcams. CAMBUSH helps you capture more and better images of the deer on your property.