What happens if CAMBUSH gets wet?

The fibers of CAMBUSH are engineered to withstand nature's elements. CAMBUSH won't rot, fade or mildew.

Can I remove CAMBUSH from my camera?

Yes, it is easily removed and will not affect your camera surface.

Will the fibers interfere with my camera's sensor and flash?

No. After applying CAMBUSH, simply trim the fibers around the lens, flash and sensor to enable normal camera functions..

Will CAMBUSH fit on my camera?

Yes. One CAMBUSH contains 36" of material, which is enough to cover the front of any major camera. Depending upon the size of your camera, you may be able to cover the fronts of two cameras with one CAMBUSH.

Will CAMBUSH rot or fade?

No. CAMBUSH is engineered to be outside and withstand the elements of nature.

Will it match my tree or environment?

CAMBUSH is designed to blend with a multitude of environments. It's inspired by the colors of our military's latest uniforms

What tools do I need to apply CAMBUSH to my camera?

A sharp pair of scissors and your trail camera are all that is needed. Simple instructions are available.

Can I buy in a retail store?

CAMBUSH is currently only available online.

Who buys CAMBUSH?

Hunters, Property Owners, State Wildlife Agencies, Border Patrol, Drug Enforcement Agencies, etc.

Can I buy CAMBUSH in large bulk quantities?

Yes. Contact us for details.

How did CAMBUSH come about?

Before CAMBUSH existed, we experienced anger and frustration after our trail cameras were stolen off our private hunting property. Fortunately, the thief missed a couple of our cameras and they recorded his image. We prosecuted the individual; the court system convicted him and ordered payment of restitution for the missing cameras. That monetary compensation was directed into the invention and startup of CAMBUSH. I'm happy to share that something positive is a result of that criminal behavior.