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Thieves inspired me!

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One mid-September day, several of my game cameras were stolen from my farm. Fortunately the thief missed a couple of my cameras and they recorded his image. I prosecuted the individual; the court system convicted him and ordered the payment of restitution for the missing cameras. That monetary compensation was directed into the start-up of what is now known as CAMBUSH 3-D camouflage for trail cameras.

Founder Shawn O'ConnorIn the process of working through the court system, I realized that trespassing and trail camera theft has become a common and recurring issue. I went about the process of making prototypes of CAMBUSH and used them on my remaining cameras that had been in that same location for years. I was shocked when I looked at the images from that hunting season. Images of trespassers, and lots of them! I concluded that this was not an isolated incident; the trespassers had been there all along, they knew the camera was there and simply walked behind the camera to avoid having their picture taken. Fortunately, they didn't take the camera or the card within. The difference this year is the trespassers couldn't see the CAMBUSH-covered trail camera, and therefore didn't try to avoid it.

These early prototypes exceeded my expectations! I had images of trespassers as close as six feet from my CAMBUSH-clad camera, without a hint that they knew it was there. A few of my hunting buddies asked to try out the prototypes. When they reported similar results, I knew I had something that could be used by other hunters with similar issues. Not only does CAMBUSH help conceal cameras from trespassers' view, but they also make the cameras harder to spot by deer as well.

Where did CAMBUSH get its name?

What do you get when you marry the words "camera" and "ambush"? Yes, that's right. It's CAMBUSH. Urban Dictionary defines cambush as "to surprise someone by taking a picture of them." CAMBUSH ambushes its target by capturing an unexpected image of it, whether it's a big buck, trespasser sneaking around your property, poacher or any other kind of illegal activity. That's the story behind CAMBUSH.

The meaning behind our tagline “Suited to Conceal”

The military employs a 3-D camouflage technique for their sniper units. The goal of a sniper unit is to never be discovered while accomplishing its mission. This is typically achieved by snipers wearing a ghillie suit. The purpose of CAMBUSH is to produce a 3-D camouflage to conceal a game camera. The CAMBUSH “ghillie suit” blends with its natural surroundings and eliminates the hard lines of the camera case, making the camera less noticeable to people and even wildlife. Thus the tagline, “Suited to Conceal.”